David S. Ware

Perhaps one of avante garde jazz’s most important hornplayers, David S. Ware is spreading the gospel with his newest album
Balladware. The notes soar and dip with Mr. Ware’s unique expressionism evolving through these emotionally drenched ballads, bringing us yet another brilliant package from the living legend.

The Story: The DSW Quartet wanted to capture the energy of its extended late 1999 tour European tour which also marked the first time drummer Guillermo E. Brown was in the group, so they scheduled a recording session the day after they came back to the States. But the fickle finger of fate wagged at them for they were all exhausted, effectively wiping out a high energy performance. So after a few futile attempts to record The DSW Quartet came to a realization that the only way to match their energy level was in a ballad mode which caught everyone by surprise. The session was exclusively done in this manner and has never been replicated by them since nor ever will. This session reveals a rarefied side of DSW Quartet whose beauty and majesty transcends all notions of free jazz.


Bass – William Parker
Drums – Guillermo E. Brown
Piano – Matthew Shipp
Saxophone – David S. Ware


1 Yesterdays
2 Dao
3 Autumn Leaves
4 Godspelized
5 Sentient Compassion
6 Tenderly
7 Angel Eyes