Blue Decco

Matt Maneri

Blue Decco is in some ways, an homage to the multi-talented Eric Dolphy however, the CD is also an accomplishment for Mat Maneri in that writing for piano, is now a challenge that has been realized. Along with Craig Taborn on piano, William Parker on bass, and Gerald Cleaver on drums, Mat Maneri achieves musical certainty. Maneri plays a chilling five-string viola, a six-string electric violin, and a baritone violin on Blue Decco, Blue Sun, The New Lord's Prayer, and Mute. This quartet evens out some of the uncertainties imminent along the listener's quest through free and avant-garde jazz terrain.


Mat Maneri- VIOLIN
Craig Taborn- PIANO
William Parker- BASS
Gerald Cleaver- DRUMS


Hush Little Baby
It #2
Blue Decco
The New Lord's Prayer
It #3
Blue Sun
I Got it Bad