Blue Series Continuum: Sorcerer Sessions

The Blue Series Continuum

Matthew Shipp is a jazz pianist with a classical bent. To call William Parker's mastery of the bass versatile would be a vast understatement. Evan Ziporyn, new to the Blue Series, is best known for his role as clarinetist and arranger for the Bang On A Can Allstars. Daniel Bernard Roumain, one of the most respected young violinists and composers in the classical world, is already known to fans of the Blue Series, having contributed his virtuosity to both DJ Spooky's Optometry and the David S. Ware String ensemble's THREADS. FLAM, who programmed beats for Matthew Shipp's Nu Bop and Equilibrium, also adds his tricky synth work to Sorcerer Sessions, manipulating his machines into fluid instruments. The jazz and classical worlds are no longer merely intersecting. The door to a new world has been opened, birthing a new breed of advanced improvisational ambient music. The outcome is both playful and challenging, cerebral and relaxing, a vision that has waited too long to be fulfilled.


Gerald Cleaver: Drums
William Parker: Bass
Matthew Shipp: Piano and Synthesizer
Daniel Bernard Roumain: Violin
Evan Ziporyn: Clarinet and BAss Clarinet
FLAM: Programmer and Synthesizer


Pulsar (3:07)
Keystroke (3:42)
Urban Shadows
Fixed Point
Invisible Steps
Last Chamber