Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte as Groundtruther featuring DJ Logic: Longitude

Charlie Hunter

Longitude is the second installment in the collaboration of Charlie Hunter (master of the 8-string guitar ) and Bobby Previte (electronic and acoustic drum virtuoso). This time around the rotating third member slot is filled by turntable wizard DJ Logic. Together they have turned up the heat, further progressing their sound into a more
aggressive mix of funk, jazz and jamband-style rock.

This team-up brings a real, earthy and energetic performance that will appeal to jazz, funk and electronic enthusiasts alike.
Their trademark sound of electronic riffing reverberates a dynamic tension throughout the album. Charlie Hunter’s playing is far reaching on both sides, hitting soaring highs and rumbling lows with ease, leaving the listener to ask “How’d he do that?”. Bobby Previte’s drumming is just as impressive. His percussion work is like a tropical storm, thunderous and electric . DJ Logic provides the essential background to Hunter and Previte’s mind-bending creation.


Charlie Hunter-8 String Guitar
Bobby Previte- Electronic and Acoustic Drums
DJ Logic-Electronic Wizardry


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