Drums of Death

DJ Spooky

DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, has teamed up with Slayer skinsman Dave Lombardo to see what one of the world's best DJs could do with beats supplied by the best thrash metal drummer of all time.

As if that isn't enough audio warfare, legendary Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid and Public Enemy number one Chuck D have provided their stunning sounds to mix. To bring it all together prolific electronica artist Meat Beat Manifesto has been tapped to co-produce Drums of Death along with DJ Spooky.


Dj Spooky: Turntable, Electronics
Dave Lombardo: Drums
Vernon Reid: Guitar
Chuck D: Vocal "B-Side Wins Again


Universal Time Signal
Brother's Gonna Work It Out
Quantum Cyborg Drum Machine
Guitar DJ Tool Element (Vernon Reid)
Assisted Suicide (featuring Dalek)
Kultur Krieg
Sounds from Planet X
B-Side Wins Again 2005
Incipit Zarathustra
A Darker Shade of Bleak
The Art of War (Back to the Lab)
Terra Nullius (Cyborg Rebellion on Colony
Planet Zyklon 15)
Public Enemy #1 2005
Obscure Disorder (Ghost Hacked!!!)
Particle Storm