Matthew Shipp

Bassist William Parker takes the cue from Nu Bop and delivers some of his most stylistic playing yet. Drummer-extraordinaire Gerald Cleaver lays down delicious beats over Chris Flam's lucid/liquid synth programming, and vibesman Khan Jamal creates
warm, rich resonating tones - all this sewn seamlessly together through Matthew's unmistakably unique piano styling...in matt's own words: My new and fourth Blue Series record Equilibrium is a synthesis of what I've learned from all my other Blue Series albums. We are continuing to move into the future, exploring beat elements with modern jazz. But, I am also bringing to bear on this project, the goals I had on New Orbit of developing a jazz ambient music and my original goals on Pastoral Composure of exploring the elasticity of the jazz language when straight ahead jazz elements morph organically into more modern forms.

Equilibrium is one of Shipp's best and most accessible yet. - Newsweek.com


Matthew Shipp : Piano
William Parker : Bass
Gerald Cleaver : Drums
Khan Jamal : Vibes
FLAM : Synths & Programming


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Nebula Theory
World Of Blue Glass
The Root
The Key
Nu Matrix