Harmony and Abyss

Matthew Shipp

Harmony and Abyss is the next phase in a journey of discovery, a period of creative rebirth from an epic career that has already spanned more than two decades. Matthew Shipp's alliance with Thirsty Ear's Blue Series has been an evolutional odyssey, a period of great growth and innovation. With his latest effort Shipp has truly perfected his own style, drawing effortlessly from free jazz, hip-hop, electronica and modern classical.From Boards of Canada-esque pastoral electronics to blazing and phenomenally tight free improvisation, Shipp has composed with the touch of a master, seamlessly melding the spontaneously free with the perfectionist's love of the studio.


Matthew Shipp : Piano & Synth
William Parker : Bass
Daniel Carter : Saxophone & Flute
Gerald Cleaver : Drums
FLAM : Slicing, Dicing, Synths & Programming


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