Mechanical Malfunction

Mary Halvorson

Following their critically acclaimed debut trio album, "Electric Fruit", Mary Halvorson, Weasel Walter and Peter Evans have masterfully crafted their second release "Mechanical Malfunction". By incorporating a new structured dynamic, the trio has enhanced their sonic interplay, creating strength through growth and challenge.

Weasel Walter reflects on the genesis of the band and the looking for points of expansion:

"When we started this trio, we just dove right in and played pure free improvised music. It worked well, and that's what we did for years. The personalities were distinctive and the chemistry was there. It always worked. With this record we decided to do something we hadn't done before, so we created themes and structures to improvise on and around.”

Peter Evans comments on the ever-challenging hurdles a group incurs to stay fresh intertwine identities but stay true to each one’s voices:

"Its rare these days to be able to develop a group in a patient and consistent way. After a few yearly tours of refining a group sound with purely improvised materials, we have decided to introduce notated structures as a way to increase the variety of sounds, and to foster new ways of interacting. Some of this pushes us out of our band comfort zone, which is always a good thing. All of us have very distinct yet overlapping compositional voices so it was a great to create an album which this time was a mosaic of our identities as writers as well of instrument.”

Mary Halvorson notes how musical growth is the group’s mandate, pushing them to reach further forward for greater heights:

“For me, adding composition to the band creates a new layer of communication and complexity. It allows us to challenge familiar ways of communicating and push the music to new places. The nice thing is that we're not starting from scratch here, but from a pre-established band sound. It felt like the natural next step in the progression of the band”.

The trios blistering performances will, in equal parts, enrage, excite and bewilder. Anchored with compositions that sparkle and twist, the tunes morph into magical journeys.

Welcome to Jazz 2.0-- a brave new world.

Fasten your seat belts.


Mary Halvorson: Guitar
Peter Evans:Trumpet
Weasel Walter: Drums


1 Baring Teeth
2 Vektor
3 Broken Toy
4 Klockwork
5 Freezing
6 Malfunction
7 Organ Grinder
8 Interface
9 The Last Monkey On Earth
10 Bulging Eyes