Negrophilia: The Album

Mike Ladd

Inspired in part, by Petrine Archer-Straw's book, Negrophilia, Mike Ladd has combined his own thoughts and visions with renowned drummer Guillermo E. Brown and pianist Vijay Iyer, who returns to work with Ladd on the heels of last years critically acclaimed In What Language? record. What emerges is a low down, but high minded sound excursion. Melding natural and synthetic sound, this album engages the listener with the urgency of futurism, while also hearkening to a not-too distant past.

The goal of this record is to serve as an organic backdrop to a digital landscape. - Mike Ladd


Mike Ladd : Vocals & Programming
Vijay Iyer : Piano, Organ & Synthesizer
Guillermo E. Brown : Drums and Electronics
Andrew Lamb : Winds
Roy Campbell : trumpet
Bruce Grant : Tape Loops


Fieldwork (The Ethnographer's Daughter)
The French Dig Latinos Too
In Perspective
Shake It
Worldwide Shrink Wrap (Contact Zones)
Back At Ya
Appropriated Metro
Blond Negress
Sam and Milli Dine Out
Nancy & Carl Go Christmas Shopping
Sleep Patterns of Black Expatriates circa 1960