Meat Beat Manifesto

In celebration of their highly successful American tour, Meat Beat Manifesto is now releasing an expanded edition of their critically acclaimed At The Center release. Included will be a live track of the classic Meat Beat Manifesto tune Prime Audio Soup (made famous from its inclusion in the movie The Matrix). Additionally, an unreleased track will be on on the CD5 and 12 inch. As an added bonus, CD5 will also have 2 more tracks. This collection of material is a must have for fans of this amazing and influential band.


usicians (Tracks 1-4)
Jack Dangers- Bass, Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet
Peter Gordon- Flute (on track 1)
Dave King- Drums, Percussion
Craig Taborn- Steinway Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3

Musicians (Tracks 5 &6)
Jack Dangers- Video sampler
Ben Stokes- Video sampler
Mar Pistel- Sampler
Lynn Farmer- Drums


Wild (RMX)
Maintain Discipline
Dummyhead Stereo
Shotgun! (Blast To The Brain) (Live)
Prime Audio Soup (Live)