Rock The Net: Musicians For Net Neutrality

Rock The Net: Musicians For Network Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the principle that preserves an open Internet. It’s all about choice, freedom of expression and access to information. It’s also how many of us discover new music. But if big telecommunications and cable companies have their way, you may only be able to hear what they want you to hear.

Net neutrality is important to musicians and fans alike. Many of today’s most talented artists are demonstrating their support of an open Internet where all users can access the lawful content of their choice without undue interference.


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Bright Eyes - I Won’t Ever Be Happy Again
Aimee Mann - 31 Today
David Bazan - Cold Beer and Cigarettes
The Wrens - Sleep
The Classic Brown - Modulation
DJ Spooky - Uganda
Palomar - Red
Guster - Timothy Leary
They Might Be Giants
Wilco - Impossible Germany(live)
Portastic - Hange Down Your Head
Matthew Shipp - New Orbit
BC Camplight - Soy Tonto
David Miller - Sunday Driver
Free Form Funky Freqs - Ties That Bind