Souls Saved Hear: Big Satan

Tim Berne

Tim Berne, Marc Ducret and Tom Rainey most recently comprised 3/4 of Tim Berne's Science Friction Band for the critically praised live album, The Sublime And.

As Big Satan, Berne, Ducret and Rainey entered the studio assuming a different shape- Souls Saved Hear is a purely collaborative band with no set leader, but with a unified focus that easily shifts gears from fiery to placid, turning complex composed passages into inspired improvisations with a unified and fully-realized sound all their own. Berne's idiosyncratic presence is obvious throughout; Tom Rainey's drums are propulsive and unrelenting. But it's Marc Ducret's guitar which is a truly commanding presence, whether picking out perfectly articulated acoustic melodies in unison with Berne or shredding his guitar into oblivion with impossibly fast, fascinatingly discordant runs smothered in distortion. David Torn, who serves in essence as the fourth member of the band, applies his subtle, perfectionist production touch to transform a brilliant studio performance into a recording of unparalleled magnificence and dimension. Souls Saved Hear does not waste a single note from start to finish, compressing a riotous improvising ensemble into a potent but strangely accessible final package.

All About Jazz - Souls Saved Hear is another in a growing body of work that demonstrates Tim Berne's total commitment to intellect combined with passion, head combined with heart


Tim Berne: Alto saxophone
Tom Rainey: Drums
Marc Ducret: Guitars


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