The Conduct of Jazz

Matthew Shipp

“Matthew Shipp is the American Piano Jazz Mature Secret”

Such are the words heralded by Arild R. Andersen , as printed in Norway’s biggest newspaper, Aftenposten.

Arild goes on to say, “In the shadow of Cecil Taylor and Keith Jarrett, he has played out his individuality through three decades. He can be described as a cross between the two giants, but he exceeds both, with its ownership of the blues and the free expression’s inherent possibilities.”

Powerful thoughts from afar but strikingly rich in their poignant affirmation of Shipp’s talent. Mr. Shipp is no stranger to recording and no stranger to receiving accolades from the press. But with the release of “The Conduct of Jazz”, one will hear with remarkable clarity that these words are not just prophetic but are exceedingly apt for a player whose time has come.

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Bass – Michael Bisio
Drums – Newman Taylor Baker
Piano, Composed By – Matthew Shipp


1 Instinctive Touch
2 The Conduct Of Jazz
3 Ball In Space
4 Primary Form
5 Blue Abyss
6 Stream Of Light
7 The Bridge Across