The Gang Font: feat: Interloper

Gang Font

Musical combustion is about to take place. Take one part of legendary punk outfit Husker Du (Greg Norton), mix in the bad-ass jazz sounds of Bad Plus, (Dave King), stir vigously with the keyboard of Craig Taborn, and add the spicey seasoning of Happy Apples' Erik Fratzke, and you have the perfect progressive punk jazz stew: Gang Font featuring Interloper.

Rife with intricate and ingenious instrumental interplay, The Gang Font Feat. Interloper is a recording that is as bombastic as it is intricate, weaving thumping bass and murderous drums with schizophrenic guitars and otherworldly keyboards, creating a frantic vitality that is rarely heard elsewhere.


Greg Norton ( Husker Du): Bass
Dave King ( The Bad Plus): Drums
Erik Fratzke (Happle Apple): Guitar
Craig Taborn: Piano


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