The Sublime And

Tim Berne

Recorded live in Switzerland, The Sublime And reveals Berne and his Science Friction Band at the top of their game. The brilliance of the performance alone would warrant the release of this music, but the masterful mixing skills of David Torn have elevated the concept of the live recording to new dimensions. The playing is fiery and idiosyncratic, machine-tight yet totally open. Marc Ducret attacks his guitar like a man possessed, torturing the instrument mercilessly before finally offering a moment of undeniable beauty. Craig Taborn's angular Rhodes figures and textural synth-work feel one hundred percent at home inside Berne's unique compositional style. Meanwhile, Tom Rainey steers the ship with quirky grace- each time the group seems about to settle on a groove, Rainey twists the rhythm into surprisingly logical new shapes.

The Sublime And was recorded at the end of a three-week tour in a beautiful venue and on a night when the music seemed to flow effortlessly.

I think everyone in the band agrees that this was one of our finest concerts in our three-year history as a band. - Tim Berne

Takes the possibilities of composed and improvised new jazz to another level - The Guardian


Tom Rainey: Drums
Craig Taborn: Rhodes, laptop, Virtual organ and virtually everything else
Marc Ducret: Electric guitar
Tim Berne: Alto Saxophone


CD 1
Van Gundy's Retreat
The Shell Game
Mrs. Subliminal/Clownfinger
CD 2
Jalapeno Diplomacy/Traction
Stuck on U (for Sarah)