The Sweetness of the Water

Spring Heel Jack

The Sweetness of the Water is Spring Heel Jack's fourth contribution to Thirsty Ear's Blue Series. It is their most unabashedly beautiful album yet, showcasing the elegant phrasing of Wadada Leo Smith on trumpet and Evan Parker on Saxophone, accompanied by John Edwards' meaty and textural bass playing and the sensitive drumming of Mark Sanders. The album clearly reveals the evolution that resulted from Spring Heel Jack's 2003 UK tour, which allowed them to realize their electroacoustic free jazz vision in a more spontaneous setting. Not only does The Sweetness of the Water sound more live and intimate, it also displays a fully developed compositional sensibility, with a muted, meditative atmosphere that results from the masterful Spring Heel Jack production touch. John Coxon's guitar figures heavily, providing a rough juxtaposition to the delicate playing of Smith and Parker. Slow, delicate chord progressions provide the backbone for focused, introspective improvisation. The Sweetness of the Water is another confident step forward for one of the most thought provoking and innovative groups working in music. - The Sweetness of the Water is electro-acoustic jazz at its finest


Acoustic Guitar, Trumpet, Congas, Sampler, Electronics, Producer – Ashley Wales
Bass – John Edwards
Design, Layout – Loretta Wong
Drums, Timpani – Mark Sanders
Guitar, Organ, Harmonica, Vibraphone, Sampler, Electronics, Producer – John Coxon
Piano, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Evan Parker
Trumpet – Wadada Leo Smith


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