David S. Ware

David S. Ware is a truly formidable musician. Over the course of a career that has so far spanned nearly 3 decades, Ware has come to be regarded as an elder statesman of New York’s thriving free jazz scene. Ware is known far and wide as a master player in the free jazz tradition. Therefore it is unexpected but not illogical that Ware would choose to make an album focusing heavily on his compositional abilities. His spiritually charged playing and monstrous tone are present on THREADS, but the emphasis is on something more subtle, which is the universe of sounds and ideas that Ware’s compositions summon into existence. The string work from rising classical star Daniel Bernard Roumain and world-acclaimed string player Mat Maneri ranges from gitty to majestic, always free to choose from countless possibilities but never losing sight of the central flow of the music. The digital synthesizer has never sounded so alive as when it is under Matthew Shipp's command. Meanwhile, the sensitivity with which William Parker and Guillermo Brown approach Ware’s music is indicative of the otherworldly understanding these players possess of their leader’s ideas and intentions.


David S. Ware : Tenor Saxophone
Guillermo E. Brown : Drums
Mat Maneri : Viola
William Parker : Bass
Daniel Bernard Roumain : violin
Matthew Shipp : Korg Triton Pro X
(string pads and various piano settings)


Ananda Rotation
Sufic Passages
Weave I
Carousel Of Lightness
Weave II