Vernon Reid and DJ Logic are The Yohimbe Brothers

The Tao of Yo is the Yohimbe Brothers' second record together and their partnership has evolved into an assault of sounds and styles that defy genre. They have crafted a musical tour de force employing guitar and DJ work into a cohesive and monumental package of riffs and beats. Inherent in this package is a thought provoking collage of ideas and visions that engage the listener, and question the conventions of modern thought, as well as the conventions of music itself. This album also contains a very clear political undertone, so it's timely and fitting that this record should come during this supercharged election year. Added to the mix is an essential group of guest vocalists (Latasha Nevada Diggs, Taylor McFerren) and rappers (Traz, Bos Omega) who have contributed their own unique vision and sensibilities to bring this project to the next level. The end result is nothing short of explosive. The team at good and evil had no small part in this listening experience, incorporating a real sense of cohesion to this very thoughtful and diverse album.