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Daniel Bernard Roumain
etudes4violin&electronix : Resonance
etudes4violin&electronix : Fayetteville

Free Form Funky Freqs
Urban Mythology Volume One : Don Cheadle
Urban Mythology Volume One : Nappy Hour

Matthew Shipp
Piano Vortex: Piano Vortex
Piano Vortex: Nooks and Corners
Harmony & Abyss : Ion
Harmony & Abyss : Virgin Complex
Harmony & Abyss : Blood 2 the Brain

Spring Heel Jack
Songs And Themes : With Out Words
Songs And Themes : Antiphon
The Sweetness of the Water : Autumn
The Sweetness of the Water : Duo
The Sweetness of the Water : Lata

Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte as Groundtruther
Altitude: Above Sea Level (feat. John Medeski) : Sea Floor Spreading Hypothesis
Altitude: Above Sea Level (feat. John Medeski) : Pyramid of Giza
Latitude : North Pole
Latitude : Arctic Circle
Latitude : 40th Parallel
Latitude : Equator
Latitude : Horse Latitudes North
Longitude : Cape Horn
Longitude : Course Made Good
Longitude : Prime Meridian

The Gang Font
The Gang Font : Spencer's Background vs. Todd's Claim
The Gang Font : Homage: Claude Schnell
The Free Zen Society
The Free Zen Society : Little Indian
The Free Zen Society : Only These Things Count
The Free Zen Society : Water

Nils Petter Molvaer
An American Compilation : Little Indian
An American Compilation : Only These Things Count
An American Compilation : Water

Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery - John Medeski, Matthew Ship
Radical Reconstructive Surgery : Chance Operation
Radical Reconstructive Surgery : The General

Sex Mob
Sexotica : Luvin' Blume
Sexotica : 7 Bars

Eri Yamamoto
Cobalt Blue : Melodica Chops
Cobalt Blue : They Can't Take That Away From Me

David S. Ware
Balladware : Dao
Balladware : Sentient Compassion
Threads : Sufic Passages
Threads : Weave II
Threads : Threads

Only : 4
Only : 5
Only : 198

Carl Hancock Rux
Good Bread Alley : New Digital Press Kit
Good Bread Alley : Good Bread Alley
Good Bread Alley : Lies
Good Bread Alley : All the Rock Stars

Meat Beat Manifesto
At the Center : Wild
At the Center : Murita Cycles
At the Center : Musica Classica

DJ Spooky vs. Dave Lombardo
Drums of Death : Quantum Cyborg Drum Machine
Drums of Death : Metatron
Drums of Death : B-Side Wins Again

William Parker
Luc's Lantern : Adena
Luc's Lantern : Song For Tyler
Luc's Lantern : Luc's Lantern

David S. Ware Quartets
Live in the World : Aquarian Sound
Live in the World : Co Co Cana
Live in the World : Freedom Suite

Mike Ladd
Negrophilia : Fieldwork (The Ethnographer's Daughter)
Negrophilia : In Perspective
Negrophilia : Shake It

Yohimbe Brothers
The Tao of Yo : Shine For Me
The Tao of Yo : TV
The Tao of Yo : Thirty Spokes

DJ Wally
Nothing Stays the Same : Paint By Numbers
Nothing Stays the Same : Out of the Blue
Nothing Stays the Same : Nothing Stays the Same

DJ Spooky
Optometry : Asphalt (Tome 2)
Optometry : Parachutes
Optometry : ibid, desmarches, ibid

Craig Taborn
Junk Magic : Stalagmite
Junk Magic : Prismatica

Tim Berne
Big Satan, Souls Saved Hear : Plantain Surgery
Big Satan, Souls Saved Hear : Hostility Suite
Big Satan, Souls Saved Hear : Geez

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