Spring Heel Jack

Wales was formerly a composer of contemporary classical music and leader of the band Crazy About Love, while Coxon was a successful remixer and producer (most notably for Betty Boo) prior to their joining forces.

Their first three drum and bass albums released during the 1990s earned positive reviews for their innovative take on the genre. They also co-wrote and produced the 1996 track "Walking Wounded," a major UK hit for Everything But The Girl featuring Ben Watt who had earlier been sacked from Crazy About Love.

The cinematic Disappeared (2000) marked a transition for Wales and Coxon, and featured the British saxophonist John Surman, whose appearance was a harbinger of later changes.

Masses (2001), the first of several albums for the cross-genre Blue Series on Thirsty Ear, was an even more radical departure. Collaborators included saxophonists Evan Parker, John Tchicai and Tim Berne; bassist William Parker; trumpeters Roy Campbell, Kenny Wheeler and Wadada Leo Smith; trombonist Paul Rutherford; drummer Han Bennink; pianist Matthew Shipp; and guitarist Jason Pierce

In 2006 Coxon and Wales began to operate a record label, Treader, releasing CDs by themselves and other associated artists, including some of their recent collaborators.