Month: May 2017

Matthew Shipp “Piano Song” Creates Critical Storm

It is rare for a recording to receive such universal praise and rarer still that the nature of the praise elevates a release to a status of unequal parallel.  We, at Thirsty Ear Recordings, would like to congratulate Matthew Shipp for his new trio cd “Piano Song’ whose critical consensus proclaims it is one of the great masterpieces of modern jazz- a once in a generation type album. To truly appreciate the level of exemplary language used to describe “Piano Song” we thought it would helpful to give you some of the highlights from the reviews this record has received.


In short, Matthew clearly has emerged as a force for modern times.


  1. New York City Jazz Record
  • “ ‘Piano Song’ represents a singular achievement in the piano trio pantheon—and channels directly into a stream of higher consciousness.’’


  1. All About Jazz [compiled from 5 review they did on this cd]
  • “ ‘Piano Song’ is a special album—a stunning aural painting—piano song feels like am entirely fresh take on the piano trio—secures Shipp a position in the upper echelons of jazz—the experience of listening to Matthew Shipp’s music will eternally transcend prose attempting to define it—unparalleled music.’’



  • The delightful piano song-a Beethoven quotation in action ‘’art demands of us that we shall not stand still’’


  1. All Music
  • “While far from a straight ahead recording, piano song isn’t an avant garde set either. Those are polls and Shipp’s best work-as evidenced here-exits outside those contrasts— a revelatory chapter from one of the most fascinating musicians.’’



  • “ ‘Piano Song’ will reward listening for a long time’’


  1. The Village Voice
  • “ ‘Piano Song is by turns lyrical, nervy, percussive. Ominous, tempestuous and still.’’